Are you interested in becoming a featured speaker for Bridgemark Powered by RTM Banking Congresses?

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Bridgemark powered by RTM Business Group is proud to highlight and showcase the most innovative thought leaders in today’s banking sector. For industry professionals and experts, the opportunity to join us as a featured speaker provides a unique platform to share critical insights and developing trends with an eager audience of peers and partners, the chance to connect with fellow industry professionals, and the ability to impact the advancement of banking through your contribution to the industry’s most pressing issues and opportunities.

Delivering Banking Congresses across the country, these multi-day business forums are elevated and targeted, shaped to deliver unique value and the discovery of innovative opportunities. 

Benefits to featured speakers

Bridgemark powered by RTM Banking Congresses offer exclusive opportunities for industry professionals to converge and innovate. With access limited to invitation-only delegates and partners, each Congress takes place within a highly curated and strategic environment, bringing industry-specific topics of note to the forefront.

Our Banking Congress featured speakers enjoy the benefits of:

Enhanced visibility

With prominent exposure within our exclusive Congresses, you’ll benefit from enhanced personal and professional branding opportunities.

Strategic networking

Build new connections and opportunities for collaboration with peers across the sector, industry leaders, and future partners.

Thought leadership

Find a platform primed for the sharing of your expertise, insights, and experiences. Your voice will contribute to driving innovation and growth within the banking sector as you empower your fellow attendees.

Continuous growth

Increase your knowledge and professional prospects within the curated environment, where your visibility may open the door to your next career opportunity.

Bridgemark powered by RTM Banking Congress audiences and attendees

Within our invitation-only environment, you’ll find the banking industry’s authorities, decision-makers and leaders. Our Banking Congresses see delegates and partners who are at the cutting edge of banking advancement gather together for a strategic and shared experience, benefiting from the wisdom and insights of each other within a highly streamlined environment.

If you’re looking to further your professional presence or cultivate your thought leadership, the Banking Congress audience provides exclusive access to those who stand to benefit the most from your voice, with members including executives from top banks and credit unions. You’ll also keep good company alongside a speaker lineup of industry leaders who’ll become a strategic part of your professional network. 

Banking Congress topics and areas of focus

Our Banking Congresses focus on topics such as:

Digital transformation opportunities

AI within customer relationships and banking applications

Cloud management and opportunities

Fintech Partnerships

Optimizing efficiencies

Cybersecurity and risk management

Ready to learn more?

If you have the insights that can educate, inspire and encourage the nation’s leading banking executives, the Bridgemark powered by RTM Banking Congress is the leading platform your voice deserves. Connect with our team to learn more about how you can become a part of our industry-leading impact and legacy.

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